The “Site Gunfire Brasschaat – WHI”, is the site of a military museum in the municipality of Brasschaat.

Without any doubt, the municipality of Brasschaat is linked to the rich history of the Belgian military Forces. Many units of the Belgian Military have been assigned to this base, but above all it was the Belgian Artillery that called it its home.

In 2004 the Ministry of Defence introduced the Plan of Transition. That included the repositioning and uniting of the “Museum of the Artillery”, that had been created by the School of Artillery of Brasschaat, with a big part of the collection of the Royal Museum of the Army and Military History (KLM-MRA), that had been located in the Fort of Kapellen. The location was to be the “maintenance hangars” of the Light Aviation, situated at the oldest Belgian military airfield in Brasschaat. This unification ultimately led to the start of the “Site Gunfire Brasschaat- WHI,”(SGB) as we know it today.

The “site Gunfire Brasschaat-WHI” (SGB)has become a Site, accesable to the public, belonging to and managed bij the “War Heritage Institute “ (WHI).

The “site Gunfire Brasschaat-WHI”(SGB) contains an extensive collection of vehicles and equipment, of which some are armoured. The majority of these vehicles and equipment have been used by the Belgian Military Forces in Germany. These collection gives a complete and clear overview of the different weaponry used bij the Belgian Field Artillery and Anti aircraft Artillery. They mainly are post WWII, better known as the Cold War period. The collection also houses a number of valuable pieces, belonging to the period between the two world wars and even same date before WWI.

The “Site Gunfire Brasschaat-WHI”(SGB) is displaying a collection of the light Aviation of the Belgian Military.

A group of Volunteers of the KVVL -SRAMA and Tankmuseum Vzw are guaranteeing the maintenance, repairs and restauration of the military material ( vehicles and equipment).
They also organize guided tours throughout the various hangars on the “site Gunfire Brasschaat-WHI”(SGB).

These volunteers are “passionate” ex military personnel and/or citizens that are highly interested in the “site Gunfire Brasschaat-WHI”(SGB) and its collection.

Licht Vliegwezenlaan 3
2930 Brasschaat - Belgium

GPS – 51.334080, 4.503394

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